The Hay Diet

Lose 9 pounds in 5 days!

This remarkable eating plan has already helped hundreds of thousands of European women get slim without complicated rules, worrying about cutting fat and counting calories. This simple eating trick dissolves excess pounds. You still eat things you've always eaten, just choose how to combine neutral, acid and alkaline meals!

The principle known as "food combining" was devised earlier in this century by an American surgeon named William Hay. The Hay diet separates carbohydrate meals from protein meals, enabling the body to digest food more easily. People with digestive problems can adapt their everyday eating pattern with basic advice on selecting meals and menus. The results are fantastic! Not only do you lose weight, this eating pattern can changes lives! Beat low blood sugar - ulcers, allergies, and obesity, lose weight and GAIN energy. The Hay System can alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases such as arthritis and diabetes. Just choose from the lists of everyday meals and menus.

This page lists the books I have found that use the Hay diet principles and recipes. In the future we will be adding a bulletin board to allow you to help with each other with information and tips.

The Hay Diet Made Easy by Jackie Habgood

The Hay Diet
Made Easy

7 Day Hay Diet Plan : A New Body Starts Here

7 Day
Hay Diet Plan

Slimming With The Hay Diet

Slimming With
the Hay Diet

Food Combining For Health

Food Combining
For Health

The Complete Book of Food Combining

The Complete
Book of
Food Combining

Food Combining 2-Day Detox

Food Combining
2-Day Detox

200 New Food Combining Recipes

200 New Food
Combining Recipes



We will be adding more to this page regularily, so Please check back.

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