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Yvonne Coty

I was born in the Coachella Valley area of Southern California and raised mostly in South Lake Tahoe California. I lived in Florida for about 1 1/2 years and moved to Alaska for 10 years where I homesteaded 10 acres on the Kenai Penninsula. I left Alaska in the mid 1980's and moved back to Tahoe with my 3 children.

We now live on 2 acres in Roseville CA and are literally watching Roseville more than double in size from our back pasture outward.


I love faces and the beauty of the world around us. I dreamed of being an artist, sketched portraits and majored in fine arts in college in my youth. I've also worked in an art gallery and later was a casino photographer and took VIP photos with celebrities in Tahoe. I grew to love the art of photography and have been involved in photography to this day

I am also the church photographer, for St. Clare's Catholic Church in Roseville CA.

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